Wiggy Construction


Here are some pictures of the "Wiggy" project from star to finish...or there abouts :-) Click on the thumbnails to see the whole picture... I'll add more as I go. This project is number two behind my twin cat project. It has been on hold because of the start of the twin cat and now because of my move to Washington State. It too is in storage until my new house and garage/workshop is built. The Wiggy is at this time about 95% completed.

Parts is Parts 

Basic Frame 

Side top/bottom 

Engine mount 

Decks installed 

Engine pod 

Fitting OS .25 

Sealed with resin 

Wing adapter top view 

bottom view 

Inner stabalizers 

rough-in decking 

front decking view 

stabilizer trial fit 

tapered aileron 

aileron to wing 

tapered stab wing 

stab wing fitted 


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