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In the very near future this webcam will no longer be a live webcam. I am preparing to shut down the live webcam because I will be moving to the State of Washington to join my wife who is there working now. I'll be retiring from the police force and starting a new chapter in my life. If I find something interesting to have a live webcam in Washington, be assured I will have the cam active. In the mean time I will update the picture whenever weather or other interesting changes take place. I want to thank all of the people from all parts of the world for their letters of support, some serious and some funny, but all appreciated. Thank you again, Marty

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Do you see any military aircraft or strange lights?

Spend more than an hour in Colorado Springs and your sure to see some sort of military aircraft. Everything from the Stealth fighter and the Stealth bomber to the largest and smallest aircraft that the Army and Air Force have to their disposal. You may also see at night some strange lights flying around NORAD and the mountain ranges in the vicinity. UFO's? No one seems to know or wants to say, but they are quite frequent. Maybe you'll be able to spot one yourself. Good luck.

Brief history of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)

Construction began for NORAD in May 1961 and began operating on February 6, 1966 at a cost of $142.4 million. The mission of NORAD has expanded many times since. There are 6 main centers housed in NORAD. The Command Center, Battle Management Center, Missile Warning Center, Space Control Center, Combined Intelligence Watch Center and Systems Center.

The complex is capable of providing it's own air, water and power for 800 personnel and to feed them for 30 days.

Today their missiom covers the collection of data from many sources around the world. They provide warning of ballistic missile and aircraft attacks against the United States and Canada, track space satellites and debris for the Shuttle Missions, and support our military in it's mission abroad.

There are more than 1,100 military and civilian personnel that work in the complex. They are highly trained and are constantly sharpening their skills.

Let's hope and pray that they will only have to use those skills for peaceful reasons. - web search engine - a web directory with homepage thumbnails

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