Twin Cat Project


Here are some pictures of the "Twin Cat" project from start to finish. Click on the thumbnails to see the whole picture... I'll add more as I go. This project has been put on hold because of my move to Washington State. It's sitting in storage until my new house and garage/workshop is built.

System cat 

Front view 

Back view 



QD pipes 

Twisted block mods 

Twisted block 2 

Twisted cylinder mods 

Twisted cylinder 2 

.oo5 copper gasket mods 

Exhaust mod mockup1 

Exhaust mod mockup2 

Exhaust mod mockup3 

Exhaust mod mockup4 


bulkhead/rails fit 

3 degree spacer 

Cylinder stencil 

Starter decal 

Mask & base coat 

Off motors 

On motors 

Twin Tachs 

Stock & polished 

Polished jackets 

Carb turned 

Stock manifold  

Manifold modded 

Short Stand 

Tall stand 

Stand done 

Magnet canopy holddowns 

Nice touch 

Polished rudder 



Water Cooled flanges 

Headers installed 

Engine rails glassed in 

Twin motor jig 

Twin pipes front 

Twin pipes transon 


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