Stryker Construction


Here are some pictures of the "Stryker" project. Click on the thumbnails to see the whole picture... I'll add more as I go. By the way, be careful when using Xacto knifes or any sharp tool. Click on the Cut Finger picture to see what can happen. Cut a tendon and nerve, had an operation, maybe I'll get the use of it back :-(

Intake cutouts 

Exhaust cutouts 

Side view 

Custom 29cc J&G 

Engine exhaust 

Engine intake 

Throttle bellcrank 


Sparkplug cutouts 

Painting bottom 

Yellow/purple pearl 

Scorpion 1 

Scorpion 2 

Scorpion 3 

Finished front 

Finished side 

Finished back 

Finished cockpit 

Radio box 

Fuel bag 

Pipe holder 

Floatation #1 

Floatation #2 

Cut finger 

Condom wrap 

Paint materials used was Dupont Velvaseal, Dupont lacquers, House of Color (candy pearls) and Chromaclear 7600 clear coat. The pictures don't show how the candy pearls look as though their on fire when the hull is in bright sun light. Friend of mine, Tom Stack, was the painter and airbrush artist. He can be reached at 719-632-3953.


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