Lazer 45


Well here is the new Lazer 45 hull from AC Model Boats. I was going to use 1 of 4 custom made experimental motors that was made by J&G. I decided to put that engine back into the Stryker cat and I bought a stock Zenoah G260 and modified it. Click on the thumbnails to see the whole picture... I'll add more as I go.

All of the parts 

Speedmaster hardware 

Nice glass work 

M&D drive mounted 

M&D backplate 

29cc J&G mounted 

Homemade water outlet 

Radio box tray supports 

Radio Box tray 

Trial fit 

Trim tab holes 

Trim tabs & turn fins 

All hardware 

Another view 

Throttle linkage 

Radio box mounted 

Ready to run 

Fished transom 

Another transom view 

Done !!

Right side 

Left side 


Engine view 

Transom view 


Milled rudder extension 

Intalled extension 

Top view 

Throttle linkage 

Throttle linkage 2 

Fuel button 

Fuel Tee 


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