CinderCoCo very, very quiet...We're hunting WABBITS !!!!!

Here they are... Cinder is 10 years old and CoCo is 12 years old. They think the picnic table and trampoline are theirs. The first thing that I learned about Dalmatians is that they mature a lot slower than most dogs. TRANSLATION..they have about 6 extra months of destruction as a puppy than most other breeds :-) As typically it is with dogs, the males are quite a bit more aggresive than the females. Dals are extremely intelligent, learning housebreaking and tricks quickly. They are very affectionate. Have you heard of the Dalmatian "lean"? At every opportunity they love to lean against you. They are very clean and normally do not give off the typical dog smell. If you haven't seen a Dalmatian around a horse, then you are in for a treat. The Dal and the horse are natural friends. The two recognized colors are the typical white with black spots (Cinder) and the rarer white with liver spots (CoCo). 1 in 30 newborns are liver colored. 1 in 33 newborns has a hearing disorder with either decreased hearing or deafness. Don't let that scare you off though, if your not going to be a breeder or showing them, deafness does not affect their ability to be a good and smart pet. If you have a Dal and would like to share info please feel free to contact us at

***UPDATE*** Sadly we had to have Coco put down in January 2006. I was just able to bring up this page to update it. She was very smart, loveable and dedicated to her family. We miss her greatly. Have fun chasing those rabbits in heaven Coco, we'll see you soon.

***UPDATE #2*** We lost Cinder as of December 2007. I'm leaving this webpage up for now because I just can't get myself to take it down. We will someday get a couple of new Dals, but not right now....

More pictures

Cinder on the tramp Both dogs on the tramp CoCo sleeping
Cinders's place Cinder's chinrest 2 headed dog??
Arriving at the ranch Still looking for rabbits Cinder and her horse
CoCo's had enough Cool shade Driving the motorhome
Cinder is too sleepy
Backyard Pictures

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