Sorry for the poor quality of the AVI's. As soon as I get a better digital camera that has the movie feature I'll re-do the boats that I currently have.

I took the engine out of this hull to put into the Lazer 45. I'll be replacing it with a Zenoah 260. I'll have the video of "Scorpion" up soon hopefully. Check back please.Avi(0 kb)

For a 70" hull this thing goes pretty darn good. It runs consistently in the mid 40's reported by a Etrex GPS. This video was taken when the engine was not broke in. Click here for the avi.Avi(422 kb)

This avi was taken before I had the boat really running well. Myself and Steve Simonson worked on dialing it in. Took all day to finally get it running fast enough to be competetive. I sold this to another boater that's up in Denver now. Click here for the avi.Avi(350 kb)

Considering that this was the first boat that I had built and I built it very heavy (for needed strength I thought) it still ran respectfully. Sold this one too. Click here for the avi.Avi(352 kb)

This cat just loved to get up on plane and scream. One of the best handling cats I ever ran. Sold this after about 2 years of great running. Click here for the avi.Avi(453 kb)

This is my best try for a somewhat scale appearance airboat. It is considerably lighter than my first "Gator Bait". I made it a little smaller also at 38" X 20.5". I have since removed the muffler extension, since it was hindering the engine performance. Right now it is shooting straight up in the air. This hull handles very realistically sliding in the turns and since it's lighter the acceleration is very good for an airboat. Any questions please contact me. Click here for the mpg. Movie 1(1338 kb) Movie2(1342 kb)

Honestly "Blizzard" runs better on land. I'll keep it to run in the winter time when the water is hard and there's snow on the ground, hence the name. I'll be building another one for the water. Click here for the avi.Avi(1517 kb)

This is an avi before adding the 30cc engine and before it was painted. It shows the boat at full throttle making a typical sliding turn. I have since sold it. Click here for the avi.Avi(397 kb)

This is an avi of the model "Wiggy" that was built by Paul and Joe Rice. They promise to have more AVI's coming soon. It's a large download, but well worth the wait if your interested in this type of model. Click here for the avi.Avi(1791 kb)

This is an avi of the model "Wiggy" and "Drag'n'Fly" having what else but a "Drag Race". What's amazing is that both of these craft are nearly the same size, weigh exactly the same, but use .15 size engines even though the are .25 size hulls. The quick acceleration of the "Drag'N'Fly" is phenomenal. This attests to the Rice's engineering abilities and they're not quitting there. I think they may be working on something called "Warp Drive" though they won't admit to it publicly. It's another large download, but really shows the acceleration of the "Drag'n'Fly. Click here for the avi.Avi(1703 kb)

This movie is before James had the engine broken in. It's still fast as all get out!! Click here for the movie.Avi(227 kb)

Steve's boat is really running fast in this avi and he was in progress of breaking in a new engine...so this boat will be even quicker once that's done. Click here for the avi.Avi(375 kb)

This is Larry Lindsay's Elite hull from Elite RC hobbies in Kansas City. It's powered by a modified 25cc Homelite engine. It has a tuned pipe and is pushed by a Prather SS 275 prop. Larry did all of the extensive engine mods himself (which is many, please email him for details). You can contact Larry at llindsay@kc.rr.com Click here for the avi.Avi(2.39 meg)

This my friends Brian Madigan from Denver Quickdraw powered Stryker cat. He's still in the tuning/developement stage, but for this altitude (5280') it sure kicks butt. Click here for the mpg movie. Mpg(9.0 meg)


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