Gator Bait II


Here are some pictures of the "Gator Bait II" project from start to finish...or there abouts :-) Click on the thumbnails to see the whole picture... I'll add more as I go.

I'm using 1/4" "Lite" brand marine ply. It is half the weight of regular ply.

$150 cost of wood 


Trial fit 

Trial fit 

Outer frame 

Stringers and crossmembers 

Engine test fit 

Lightening Holes 

Lightening Holes2 

Bottom fiberglassed 

Seal & Glass done 

Cageform/rudder placement 

Cage form 


Un-trimmed finish 

Test fit back 

Test fit front 

Test fit side 

Cage Plates 

Plates Welded 

Blind nuts installed 

Lower seat frame 

Seat frame 

Lower rudder mount 

Top mounts 

Top mounts installed 

Finished rudder 

Finished primered cage 

Top sealed & trimmed 

Cage/mount final paint 

Rudder sealed/reinforced 

Sides/bottom primered 

Radiobox primered 

Radiobox final coat 

Bottom/sides final coat 

GI Joe 1 

Control stick/peddles 

Seated GI Joe 

First coat top 

Test fit all parts 1 

Test fit all parts 2 

Test fit all parts 3 

Done less graphics 

Done less graphics 

Done less graphics 

Finished radio box 

Carb cone 

Custom exhaust 

Complete 1 

Complete 2 

Complete 3 



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